​You can’t buy a better golf game, Mashie Cleek won’t try to sell one

by Jeff Wattrick, Mashie Cleek Founder

Every year golf equipment companies try to sell you their latest solution to all your problems.

You know the pitch: For a few (hundred) dollars, these clubs—this time—will defy the laws of physics, ignore swing flaws, and magically improve your game.

Deep down, we know this can't work. No golf club can swing itself. Mashie Cleek was founded on the idea that complex and expensive equipment isn't helping your game or the game of golf. The equipment arms race prevents more people from enjoying golf. Let’s stop trying to break par in the pro shop. 

Mashie Cleek offers high-quality, durable clubs. Our 72 Series irons feature large clubheads, cavity backs, and thick top lines for consistent strikes on imperfect swings. They look great in your bag and are built to last a lifetime. Best of all, because we sell direct to our customers, our iron sets cost hundreds less than the big brands. 

Ben Hogan made it plain in 5 Lessons: If you want to get better, you need to practice and play. Mashie Cleek irons are designed—and priced—to let you do just that. We think by offering more affordable clubs, our customers can use the savings on things that can improve your game—lessons, range time, and actually playing! 

Golfers of all levels can be comfortable playing Mashie Cleeks. So as your game improves, you can trust Mashie Cleek irons to continue to deliver the best golf shots your swing allows.

And because I want as many people as possible to try our clubs, you can save an additional 25% off our already low prices with the offer code JEFF. Shipping is always free!