Welcome to Mashie Cleek. We hope you like our golf clubs.

by Jeff Wattrick, Mashie Cleek Founder


My name is Jeff. A few years ago, I started playing golf again and was disappointed with modern club offerings. I didn't like the high prices, the jacked lofts that hamper shotmaking and the expensive design gimmicks that provide little benefit to average golfers. 

Since I couldn't find the clubs I wanted, I launched Mashie Cleek to make them myself. My vision was simple: 

  • Quality, forgiving irons that are built to last.
  • Full 3-PW sets, so you'll always have the club you need to make the shot you want. 
  • More traditional lofts for improved consistency and shotmaking.
  • Affordable prices, hundred less than major brands.

The Mashie Cleek 72 Series achieves that vision. With cavity backs, thick top lines, and large clubheads, our irons will help you get the most out of your swing. What's more, Mashie Cleek irons look great in the bag and at address, so you'll have the confidence to play your best round. 

Mashie Cleek is starting small, with a single set of irons. But from this small beginning, I hope we can grow big things. 

I want to get our clubs into the hands of golfers like you, so I'm offering an additional 25% off our already low prices. Just use the offer code JEFF at checkout. Shipping is always free.