Mashie Cleek clubs are different because Mashie Cleek is different

by Jeff Wattrick, Mashie Cleek Founder

When I started Mashie Cleek, challenging the equipment industry's high prices was the primary goal.

That turned out to be an easy problem to fix. Once you strip away retail markups, professional sponsors, and costly traditional advertising, it's amazing how affordable quality golf clubs can be. 

There are other ways industry conventional wisdom affects average golfer and, though it means going against the grain, Mashie Cleek wants to do better for golfers.

Designed for your game

It's kind of crazy that generations of golfers selected club brands in large part because of what pros play. No offense guys, but most of us won't ever break par at Augusta. Your clubs should match your game, not Brooks Koepka's or Dustin Johnson's game. Mashie Cleek 72 Series irons are designed for average golfers. 

Rather than hyping "technology" gimmicks, I focused on tried-and-true design features like oversized heads and cavity backs that provide maximum forgiveness. A more traditional loft sequence (compared to many modern sets) ensures approach shots get off the deck and land softly. I can't promise Mashie Cleek irons will revolutionize your game, but they are designed so an average player can get the most out of his or her swing. 

Built to last

It's also frustrating to see brands hyping their latest models as some kind of drastic improvement over last year's clubs. Planned obsolescence is a gross business strategy. Besides, the laws of physics don't change. "Game improvement" can't be purchased in the pro shop. It can be earned only by putting in the work on the range and the course. That's why Mashie Cleek irons are built to last. 

I don't think this company benefits from selling "new" solutions to the same customers over and over. I'd rather grow because our customers enthusiastically recommend us to their friends because Mashie Cleek clubs have proven themselves to be playable clubs for years.

A fresh look

There is a weird sameness to so many brands. Aesthetically, there's a lot of red and black. It's a small thing, but d our clubs look distinctly different from other offerings because they were designed from a different perspective. And I think they look great in a golf bag. The design has some functional purposes too. As a former caddy, I know how weirdly difficult it can be to locate a six-iron in your bag while standing in the fairway. That's why the club markings on the sole are in high-visibility orange. A small thing, but hopefully something that makes life a little easier on the course. 

More golfers, more golf

Now look, I understand Mashie Cleek isn't for everyone. If you're happy with your current clubs and the current offerings from major brands, I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong. But I do sincerely believe there many golfers and would-be golfers seeking something different--and more affordable. Mashie Cleek is here to fill that niche. Hopefully, that gets more players on the course.

If that sounds like you, use the offer code JEFF to save an additional 25% when you order our irons. Shipping is always free.